Why Home Care?


People enjoy the comfort of being in their own home and many studies show that people are happier, healthier and can recover from illness more quickly when they are able to remain at home. There are various reasons someone may want or need home care. Not only the aging adult that needs assistance with personal care, meal preparation, housekeeping and running errands, but sometimes people need temporary help while recovering from an accident, illness or surgery. A new mother can benefit from help around the house, meal preparation, or assistance with caring for other children as she cares for her newborn. A patient that receives outpatient surgery or that has been discharged from the hospital after a surgical procedure may not be fully ready to take care of themselves or their home as they recover. We will refer quality care providers that can help, long term, or short term.


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Hospital stays after surgery, or for things like births or illness, tend to be much shorter than they were in the past. A person with pneumonia in the 1950s might have stayed in the hospital for several weeks to a month, and person who had heart surgery could have been in the hospital for an equally long time. Now itís not uncommon to see people undergo extensive surgery, such as a bypass operation or a hysterectomy, and leave the hospital within a few days. Also, many surgical procedure are now being done by Outpatient facilities, with no hospital stay at all. This can present a challenge to patients that feel like they are sent home before they are fully ready to care for themselves, their homes, or their families. We refer care providers that can work with you until you feel ready to be on your own again. These care providers can assist you with Personal Care and Homemaking Services until you are on your feet again. They can take you to doctors appointments for follow up and take you to physical therapy if needed. Whatever the need, you will feel better knowing that you are not left to fend for yourself! We are here to help!

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